Taibo intelligent robot with impresses in CES Asia

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES Asia) was held in Shanghai as planned,including the leading enterprises in every field of the world such as Smart Home, 5G, Artificial Intelligence,Autopilot,AR Technology.

Among them, Taibo intelligent, one of the quickly growing companies of smart-home service robots, was there to showcase its latest products to the world. Taibo ROBOTICS presented Series 4 models which have amazing design and powerful function, including i-dropping innovation technology,carpet identification technology,APP and remote controlled, intelligent planning cleaning path, and received positive feedback from the audiences, who were impressed with the product’s features and convenient user experience.

Furthermore, Taibo ROBOTICS will continue specialized in the development and production of service robots and keep on developing user-centrist products that will change how people view traditional cleaning, in an effort to help them drastically improve their lives.


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